Atlantic Quartet

Atlantic Quartet
Atlantic Quartet Jersey
Atlantic Quintet - Awards 2022 (1)
Atlantic Quartet
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Atlantic Quintet - Awards 2022 (2)
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In this unique and exciting venture, the Jessica Lloyd Duo meets the Brian White / Tim Horsfall Duo. Resulting in an artistic fusion of musicianship, a carefully chosen combination of songs from past and present, intricate melody’s, authentic sounds and carefully crafted solos.

Jersey Vocal Wedding Music
Jersey Vocal Wedding Music

Essentially, the Atlantic Quartet is a Vocal lead Jazz quartet, that draws its repertoire from the great American song book. In addition to these older tunes, the quartet puts its own take on newer melodies for a truly balanced set.

This riveting band bring to you timeless jazz, blues favorites and modern songs in a truly unique way. The quality of musicianship in the Atlantic Quartet is unrivaled in Jersey, with Jessica drawing on her vocal experience from singing on UK and Worldwide tours and her tenure on cruise ships.

Vocalist – Jessica Lloyd
Piano – Paul Matthews
String Bass / Jazz Guitar – Tim Horsfall
Trumpet – Brian White